About Us

NEXG Space Creators . . . . 

“Plain, empty canvas gets sold a million, when a pro designs it…!”

  • NEXG, team of professionals  have mounted over one million square feet of corporate commercial spaces.

  • NEXG, experts and professionals in industrial space management and interior design & build  provide an aesthetic ambience that satisfies client’s requirement, accordingly, to their budget boundaries

  • Turnkey solutions provide a stress free zone to the investors and thereafter, uninterrupted business streamline on progress

  • A self adoptive firm that uses man-machine work force concept, semi robotic tools for faster and finer design work completion is done with accuracy and clarity.

  • NEXG, design & build is a “hallmark” that turns the space to a “landmark” with added credentials to the existence

  • NEXG, handle time bound projects on par to professional project execution, no matter of logistics, technical or physical hazards over lapse…. To overcome is the mantra.

  • NEXG, meticulous planning avoids financial leakages, time delay delivery, inadequate man power and tools.

Our Team


Projects / client services

Sudhakar is a renowned business man , 27 years of experience in the field of interior design & build contracting. His experience in operation and project execution enhances the quality and the timely output of the free space work zone. His work force and situational intelligence are amazingly evident by means of space transformation.
Pre-eminent lead who believes in the power of collective collaboration as the platform from which is aimed at achieving creative accomplishment and client-centric strategy process to uncover the unique persona of each client organization.


Architect / Delivery

With over 25 years of experience, Palani is responsible for planning, managing and delivering complex projects within approved budget and scheduling to suit business needs. He has experience in managing Design & Construction of large projects across Middle East, Africa, Europe and Indian Subcontinent. His experience also includes collaborating with multiple stakeholders , contract documentation, value engineering and contract negotiations.
His Design & Construction experience ranges from successfully delivering residential, retail, hospitality, commercial, industrial and manufacturing projects.


Operations / Business Development

Arunn, an executive decision maker whose commendable ability to learn about each of his client’s requirement on a fundamental level, then working alongside clients to explore goals and formulate a plan of action for a successful project Over 25 years of International experience with proven expertise at managing operations in creating new revenue streams, resulting in explosive growth and profitability.
Expertise in handling international Sales & Marketing, Project Management and client relations Promote a winning attitude and foster accountability to consistently exceed performance goals alongside exemplary people skills and bound deliver measurable results for our clients.

Our Approach

Feasibility Studies 

NEXG team of professionals take in to consideration the project’s relevant factors in to account including economic, technical, legal, and scheduling considerations-to understand better placement of design, cost and programs that are feasible to the space, user and the environment. A feasibilityreport is produced to ascertain the likelihood of completing the project successfully.

Concept Design

NEXG, Stage wise developments of ideas are concluded and a concept is finalized making the design cohesive from the start. This concept is carried all through the design process after the stringent approval process from the clients.

Space Visualization

NEXG visualizes space; interacts virtually to conceive great ideas. As a result, we produce the exact space, in built form, which creates a better understanding between the space and the client.

Bill of Quantities

Precise calculations for the materials are done; NEXG ensures satisfactory design within the clients parameters of the budget and the schedule. This primary initiative lowers down extra risks for the clients and provides an uninterrupted stream flow of fund…

Construction Drawings

NEXG professionals provide a detailed construction drawings to make the execution team at site understand the design, it help in indirect communication from the firm to the site and the workers. Such pre planned execution of job, minimizes chaos and misunderstandings and at the same time improves the efficiency

On time Delivery

NEXG team work provides drawings, design and 3d visualization to its clients to visualize the design and site execution understandings.. This improves our turnkey solutions to deliver the built space on time, efficiently within the budget exceeding clients expectations.

Industry Verticals

Office workspace & Commercial interiors

Retail interiors


Turnkey solutions


Our Process

Befriending Your Space

“Unknown friends are far better than known”

NEXG first objective is to be in relationship with its client’s space, concept and budget; this allows interacting with problem solving skills, thus, getting a basic response of idea as a reply through interaction will enhance virtualization become reality.

Finalizing The Design

"Discussion distracts confusion, therefore, decision making happens"…

NEXG transforms the planned zoning to life, virtually through 3d visuals and walkthroughs, thereby giving the client and the space to experience programs by itself….!

Handover & Move-in

"Handing over the bride to the groom, consist of  love and compassion"

NEXG - turnkey solution handover the completed project to the client, which brings to the ultimate goal from our side and making our design progress a cent percent success.

Zoning & Space Planning

"When nothing is right take left, when nothing is left take right…"

NEXG Ideas are evolved into the space through zoning, models and sketches; which enables the clients to make different iterations programs in the space. By trying out iterations, NEXG fixes the space planning to a particular design that resolves the need of its customers end.

Service Support

"There is always a second grass growth to a cow mown space"…

NEXG offers services to troubleshoot in case of calamities, complete solutions and support that strengthens the relationship with its clients that procure repeated ventures.

Project Manage & Build

"Bridges are important at times chaos and confusion"…

NEXG bridges the gap by managing spaces and projects in which it’s interaction with the workers and engineers are done. NEXG is an arbitrator between the space, engineer, client and the workers, which makes to finalize the design and complete the project at its stipulated time

Our Projects